Champion Racer Simone Maier Eyes Red Bull Defiance
Marcel Hagner and Simone Maier pose for a portrait during the Red Bull Defiance in Wanaka, NZ on October 24th, 2014 // Miles Holden / Red Bull Content Pool // 1414316182899-1443209124 // Usage for editorial use only //

Champion Racer Simone Maier Eyes Red Bull Defiance

Four time Red Bull Defiance mixed team winner, current Coast to Coast Longest Day Female Champion and GODZone champion team member Simone Maier is an athlete to watch. Her recent victories, including at the Wulong Adventure Race in China last month, show her racing confidence and form is at an all time high. Having stepped back from Red Bull Defiance this year, Simone has announced she will return in March 2020 to race the new X1 Solo category.

  • Last time you competed did you had a specific goal ?
  • Hmmm I can’t  remember right now about the special goal but I could imagine that I was keen to take out the win overall and of course win our category with a decent gap to second.
  • What do you think are the key challenges of this type of event?
  • I think the key challenges are proper hydration and refuelling  and team communication.
  • What are the highlights of Red Bull Defiance for you racing in Wanaka?
  • I am looking forward to both things! Racing in my backyard is always great because of easier logistics and racing around and Wanaka gives me a bit of an advantage as I know the terrain so well.
  • This will be the first time solo racing is allowed at Red Bull Defiance – does that suit where your career is at the moment?
  • Last time I raced two years ago, I said to myself that I would like to race this race solo and now it’s happening. Yes, it will suit me very well specially as I’m not getting any younger haha…. and I’m hitting the 40 next year, which are next thirties right! 😉 
  • What is coming up on your racing calendar this year?
  • This year is busy.  Winning the four day stage race in China with my dream Kiwi team (Dougal Allan, Sam Clark and Sam Manson) was amazing. Sadly Douglas and I missed going from there to Australia for the new Red Bull Defiance at Mission Beach because our flight was delayed! We flew back to China to do one more 24hr race on the 8th of September. I am considering  doing  to the Motu Challenge in New Zealand beginning of October as I have never done it and I heard great storys about the course. I will have a little break at some stage before I put my head down for the Coast to Coast 2020 and Red Bull Defiance 2020.   
  • How is the training going – are you working on anything in particular?
  • My training has been good so far. My main approach has been not getting sick and injured over the winter here in NZ before I was heading back to China for my three key races during our NZ winter.
  • Are you still buzzing from the Coast to Coast and GODZone wins? How do you feel about those results now? 
  • I was very happy, proud and satisfied with myself. I won what a lot of women dream of :  I won the Coast to Coast and Godzone in one year!
  • Any tips for newbies to Red Bull Defiance?
  • I guess it comes down to how much they want it and why are they racing this race. I highly recommend to have at least some fitness – it just makes it more pleasant and enjoyable. If you go solo, or team make sure you have fun and enjoy what you are doing and enjoy your training. Be organised, don’t leave everything to the last minute like getting your bike race ready. 
  • What’s your goal for the solo category?
  • I would like to have a good race all around, it’s a whole new course which gets me very excited and of course I really would like to cross that finish line first yahoooo!
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