Mandatory Equipment

Mandatory equipment will be checked and signed off at race registration on Friday the 26th of August. Please bring all mandatory equipment to gear check, except for equipment that is provided by the organisers. All equipment must be in excellent working condition, show no visible signs of excessive wear and tear and be correctly sized for the competitor.
Bike spares and tools are a mandatory requirement. All teams need carry items to fix a puncture, mend a broken chain and perform any fixes required as there will be no assistance on the course to deal with ‘mechanicals’.

Mandatory Gear Description
Race Bib
Provided by Organisers
Timing Anklet
Provided by Organisers
GPS Tracking Device
Provided by Organisers
Must be suitable for multisport use
Waterproof Jacket
This item will become Mandatory in adverse weather conditions only.
Seam sealed, made of durable material that is less than 5 years old. Must include a hood
Mobile Phone (1 per team)
Fully charged at start. Best network is TELSTRA
Drink Bottle or Bladder
Must be capable of carrying all fluid requirements for stage
First Aid Kit (1 per team)
- 2x Compression Bandages 5cm wide
- 1x Space Blanket
- Triangular Bandage & 2x Safety Pins
Can be on chest strap or on bag as well as on PFD
Recommended but not Mandatory
Mountain Bike
Will be safety checked at registration. No e-bikes!
Bike Helmet
Must meet AS/NZS 2063 standard
Bike Repair Kit (per team)

- Spare tubes or patch kit
- Chain breaker and multi tool
- Spare chain link
- Pump or CO2

White Water Raft
Provided by Organisers (Including Helmet, Paddle & Rafting PFD)
Whitewater Helmet
BYO or use provided helmet. Must be CE EN 1385 water sport safety standards
Double bladed. BYO or hire
Double Kayak
Provided by Organisers
Buoyancy Aid/PFD
BYO or hire
Securely fitted, must include a cinch-able webbing waist strap.
Free of defects. Must be L50 or Type 2 (or above).
No inflatable PFD's.
Must have Whistle attached to outside
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